A Madras Week Special – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

A Madras Week Special

You have the unique distinction of belonging to a unique city with the best of many worlds – culture, tradition, heritage, education, healthcare, cinema, music – Light, Folk and Carnatic, the shining sands of namma beaches, the technology off OMR and the scenic ECR, Yellove in Chepauk: Home of the Chennai Super Kings, home of the Chess Champ and home of outstanding musicians, actors, sportspeople, authors, academicians, leaders & businessfolk and what not! 

Scents of rose and jasmine, 
Aromas of vadai and kaapi, 
Beats of drums and mridhangam, 
Strings of veenai and violin,
Deepest baritones and highest lilts, 
Action in cinema and icons in real life,
Superstars, Super Kings, Super Makkal in a super city that’s namma Chennai! 
Tell us now…Were you Made in Madras? 

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