About Us – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

About Us

The name Chennaigaga was specially coined out of enthusiasm and love for the city of Chennai (still fondly remembered by its previous, beloved name: Madras).

It's a fact and our pride and pleasure to state that:
Uniquely-Chennai Souvenirs by Chennaigaga
was a first-of-its-kind endeavour for the city of Chennai when it was launched in 2010.

A whole range of designs are conceptualised and brought to life through popular, useful products here. Every design strives to capture the essence of the city through at least one of its myriad elements. Chennai city, which is still fondly remembered as Madras, is rich in culture, arts and traditions, and of course, its people.

Chennaigaga has many reasons indeed, to celebrate Chennai's people. So, branding the 'Chennaiite' for the first time EVER in 2010 and since, is Chennaigaga's unique pride!

A delight for die-hard Chennaiites and all those who love Chennai, Chennaigaga's souvenirs have irresistible appeal for the city's visitors, tourists and proud locals alike.

We consistently strive to keep the quality high and prices great.

Chennaigaga is a CONSTANT CELEBRATION of Namma Ooru Chennai also recalled as Madras, and the mantra here is: Go gaga over Chennai!!
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