Appa Day – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Appa Day

In our country, Appa (Father) already has a special place in the family tree and in the hearts of his kids. We don’t actually need a Father’s Day to celebrate him because he is almost always the go-to person (okay when the mother’s too busy, THEN he’s the go-to person 😉
At the most, the global date – ‘Father’s  Day’ which falls on the 17th of June 2018, is another excuse to get your Dad this tshirt.
Fathers are famous for mokkai jokes (their coolness quotient), disapproving looks (their strictness quotient), thoughtful gestures (sensitive quotient) and resistance (rebel quotient) to every idea and opinion that is not their own!

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👆🏼Just a few in the long list of reasons why we love them to bits!
In our humble opinion, a happy father makes for a Happy Father’s Day every day! And it takes quite little to make most Appas happy. Understated is the name of their game so don’t miss the chance to catch the twinkle in his eye and twitch in his mouth when he gets a gift for apparently ‘no reason’. And if you so much as mention ‘Happy Father’s Day!’ to an Indian Dad, be prepared for a snort n a scoff which would hide the warmth he feels in his heart as he makes away with the gift you gave him.

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