5 Things to do in Chennai

Here are five things to do in Chennai city to get you going more gaga over Chennai! We have listed them out here, not necessarily in the order of importance.

1. Go to the beach

2. Try the South Indian filter coffee

3. Take a drive on ECR scenic highway

4. Visit Pondy Bazaar, T-Nagar

5. Try the Sourh Indian meals 

  1. Just. Go. To. The. Beach!

Visit the beach – any of our beaches. Marina or Elliot’s. Elliot’s beach is Besant Nagar beach and is affectionately called ‘Bessie’ beach! The length and breadth of the beach is enviable and you can either hang around on the promenade taking in the feel of the sea breeze, or wet your feet in the water.  Watch out for those rogue waves that could drench you. Caution: Avoid venturing too far in to the water as it is not advisable.

Do wear your footwear or tread carefully on the sands. We humans as a species have been given the power to think and introspect much beyond our basic instincts and intuition, but we do tend to be thoughtless and litter our beautiful beaches. There are also stalls and stalls of food and games and while they do provide a livelihood to many, they also obstruct the beauty of our beaches. No easy answers here, but visit Chennai’s beaches, you must!

  1. Drink Filter Coffee (Kaapi).

Filter Coffee or Kaapi as we say in Thamizh, is a must-try in Chennai even for die-hard chai lovers. Here is a list of some of the best south Indian filter coffee spots. Any Sangeetha restaurant has Kumbakonam Degree Coffee, Hotel New Woodlands, coffee stalls that go by the red board saying ‘Madras Coffee House’, most of the ‘Bhavans’, people’s homes (!), at Sabha canteens during the December Carnatic music festival, and at most South Indian weddings. Where you should not try traditional kaapi is at most five-star hotels and fancy cafes. Having said that, a few of the fancier cafes have made it a point to serve authentic filter coffee. The frothy Kaapi is a mighty experience so don’t miss it whilst in Chennai.

  1. Take a drive down the scenic highway that is ECR.

Choose a sunny day, which will usually not be a challenge in namma Chennai, and set off down the East Coast Road which really is a lovely drive. The further south you move outside the bustling city, the more you can admire the glimmering seas which you would catch sight of beyond the private gardens, seaside residences and tufts of green shrubs. On the other side, you’re likely to see intense urban development, so we suggest you focus on the marine side! There are many interesting stops lined along the ECR should you wish to pause. Food, shopping and other attractions are aplenty.

  1. Visit Pondy Bazaar

We suggest you pick a day when you’re feeling super-pumped because a visit to Pondy Bazaar means you will need energy, patience and time. As the second name of this place suggests, it’s a market place where you can find nearly everything and at great prices too! You may enter Pondy Bazaar thinking you will just spare an hour there, but Pondy Bazaar knows how to grab a whole day! Simply put, it’s the happy place of shoppers. Sarees, all other apparel ranging from inner to festive wear, jewellery, fancy jewellery, accessories, household articles from steel vessels to high-end gadgets, air conditioners to tiny table fans, knick knacks and more than we can state here, are all available in T-Nagar. The area offers an incredible range of goods priced at different levels. There is no section of society that would not be served by Pondy bazaar. People mean business here, and by this we mean the shoppers just as much as the sellers!



  1. Try Chennai’s Full Meals – South Indian meals or ‘thaali’

With a typically-round, big plate with many little cups of food lined within, this culinary experience is a must-have. The South Indian Thaali meals menu usually offers, rice, dal, ghee, appalaam, sambar, rasam, curds, a couple of different vegetable preparations by way of karis and kootus, and a dessert that’s typically a payasam or halwa. Note: the curry gravy that Indian cuisine is globally known for is totally different from the kari mentioned here, which is a dry vegetable preparation. For dessert, you may even get ice cream additionally because Chennai has embraced ice cream as its own(!) and also because in India, dessert is often had at the start of the meal. We guess this practice would have been to figuratively signal a sweet start to the meal ahead. So when you arrive at the end of the main course, you may wish to indulge your sweet tooth and so, there’d be ice cream. 

Stay tuned for more to do in namma Chennai!