CSK wins the match and even more hearts!

அகத்தின் அழகு முகத்தில் தெரியும்”. To write this Thamizh saying in English, “Agathin azhagu mugathil theriyum.”

This means “The face reflects the beauty of the heart”. That’s what we see in Namma Thala Dhoni all the time and realised it once again last night. His reaction seemed of even greater importance than the actual win and was the approval everyone needed to start the celebrations in style!!

Captain Cool steered his ship with a high energy that permeated throughout his entire crew all season, surging across stormy waves accompanied by the roars and whistles of the super fans, and into the safe harbour once again! He ended an interview last night on the kind of hopeful note that caused the roaring fans to roar even louder, reaching a deafening volume, making hearts lighter, and causing our hopes to soar even higher. He left his options open and saved many of us from the heartbreak his retirement would have caused, had he announced it.

This Lion doesn’t have to constantly roar to show he is the King. He just has to lead the Pride.

And that’s exactly what CSK is. The Pride of Chennai.

‘Chennai Super Kings’ is not just a super name for a team. Everything about CSK is super. And not only when CSK lifts the trophy! You see (and you really CAN see it!) , CSK has super fans like no other and they are not just from Chennai or within Tamilnadu. They’re not just from India. CSK enjoys a super fan base across the world and is an emotion like no other.

Let’s talk of the enterprise that owns CSK and the super fans who adore the team. When the foundation of a building is super strong, the structure above the ground is robust enough to withstand renovations and rebuilds from time to time. So also when players come and players go, when matches are won and matches are lost,  the foundation made up of the super management and super fans stands staunchly through it all, in unconditional (yel)love and support.

Trending and tumultuous hashtags and naysayers pale in comparison to the real, true love CSK fans have for their Captain and Team. CSK is indeed a phenomenon!

Now the team may not have a single Tamil player on it this year, but they will each know the meaning of at least ONE Tamil word…

“Thala”. 💛

- Sujata Tarakesan