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Chennai – A Celebration

Celebrating our city Chennai 365 days a year is our job but the city has its birthday on August 22 which came to be known as ‘Madras Day’. It was first celebrated at the initiative of a few proactive Chennaiites and it soon progressed to being celebrated as Madras Week. During this week, there are heritage walks, lectures and other events held all over the city. Madras Day celebrations thus extended to ‘Madras Week’, and it is now pretty much the whole month of August that is earmarked to celebrate the city.

It’s quite acceptable for Chennaiites to rejoice in this uniqueness, for no other Indian city gets its ‘birthday’ celebrated as much.

This year, Chennaigaga approached customers, friends, relatives and well-wishers to share with us and the world, what they feel about their city and what it means to them. They gave us their personal video bytes and brightened this Chennai Day aka Madras Day/Week/Month like…’anything’!

‘Happy Birthday Chennai!’ is the name of this happy initiative.

Ranging from 5 seconds to 3 minutes, the video takes were around 45 seconds on an average and had people speaking from their hearts and so, we experienced a whole refreshing way to celebrate Chennai. It was heartwarming that people not only readily agreed to give us their videos, but some also voluntarily sent in their bytes, speaking cogently about a city so close to their hearts!

Disclaimer: Any mention of Chennaigaga in them is purely coincidental & not a marketing attempt from us J We are just always dedicated to going gaga over Chennai!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all these lovely people who made our month of August and hope you enjoy viewing their takes as much as we did.

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