Chennai Loves Me – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Chennai Loves Me

We take customer feedback very seriously. That’s not just a line. While we are trying to do honest business which appeals to our customers with good quality products and reasonable pricing, we do have customers sharing frank feedback with us. Many of our shoppers like to drop a few comments in our Visitors’ Book at the counter, and also let the shop’s team know what they liked and didn’t like.

We are particularly child-like in our enthusiasm when it comes to our customers’ suggestions on design ideas.

The most Frequently Asked Question from our customers has been:

Who designs these (t-shirts)?

The truthful answer is, “The Chennaigaga Team as well as the Chennaigaga Customer!”

A perfect example with this particular anecdote:-

We were exhibiting Chennaigaga products to a largely American and expat audience, when a lady from the US of A came up and told us that the phrase ‘I love Chennai’ is quite common and while it’s great, she would love to have a t-shirt for her children that said ‘Chennai Loves Me’.

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Her explanation: “Chennai’s weather is not the only thing that’s warm. I feel warm and welcomed here, and my children especially, are very happy and loved here even though they have only been in Chennai for the past one year. So, I would say that Chennai has given them that love.” The lady was so full of enthusiasm and affection, and explained the caption with such refreshing earnestness, we had no doubts at all that it would click. We embraced her suggestion and the result is here. Currently available in a navy blue supremely-soft fabric with a high-density print of the caption and unique colours to cool your tired, summer eyes.

Oh, and don’t miss the perfect landing of that coconut!

So, when a customer tells us they would love it if a particular element or quirk of Chennai could be made available on a t-shirt, we may take a little time to get around to it, but we surely do. After all, it’s Chennaikaaga Chennaigaga. J

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