Chennaification – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai



What makes a Chennaiite SUCH a Chennaiite? And what makes a visitor to the city get Chennai-fyd? A Chennaifying concept occurred right there and the design was thus born, but at first, there were too many elements to be covered. 

So, we thought we’d keep it simple. 

A fun thing about Chennai is the language we use ‘locally’ for light-hearted communication. Local baashai ie, including words like paisa vasool, dhool, gethu, expressions like Ahaan, Hayya, etc., which all make for complete Chennaification! 


A list was made.

Conveying the concept & mood to the graphic designer is one part: Translating the mental image to a graphic representation is a different matter altogether. What font to use? Which words to keep and which words to skip? And once the layout and design are complete, then what colours to choose?

How many colours to use?

Just breaking down some of the creativity for a peek backstage. 

Hope you’ll soon be fully chennaifyd. 

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