Chennaiite – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai


People are all the same. The human race is a mixed bunch of folks with different sensibilities and preferences. But certain things unite them and categorise them just by virtue of say, hailing from the same city or country. From Namma Chennai’s perspective, we call it being a Chennaiite.

Chennaiites have some common preferences and many are downright proud to belong to this city that’s a perfect mix of tradition and trends. Since its world music day, let’s acknowledge that we have and celebrate Carnatic music and also get excited about hip hop, rap and fusion here. This is just an example of the range of elements that cause a high sense of happy belonging in the Chennaiite’s mind.

Speaking of minds, we have this design specially created to show off the preoccupations that hog the thoughts of a typical Chennaiite. Food, Thalaivar, Kaapi (but of course) and more!

And did we already mention at the risk of bragging (the bragging is on behalf of all that’s Chennai, Chennaiites and Madras-lovers), that Chennaigaga is the first EVER to brand the Chennaiite on tshirts? You can now flaunt your belonging wherever you go.

Check out this Chennaiite tee to start with.

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