Dashing December! – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Dashing December!

The Christmas Carol ‘Jingle Bells’ begins with the line “Dashing through the snow…” which is quite another meaning of dashing altogether. In Chennai, snow is just a word on the dictionary but the word dashing takes on the adjective in full form. The sun softens, the weather cools off and music and merriment rent the air. It’s the time of the year that all things Chennai bloom and Chennai folk get all poetic & rejoice like anything!
The Carnatic Hub of the world being Chennai, the city welcomes back all the birds that flew the nest ie NRIs (!), as well as people from different nationalities from all over the globe who come here especially to attend Carnatic concerts and Bharathanatyam recitals. December is such a happening month of festivities with Carnatic Music, Bharathanatyam, Christmas, New Year and the best weather Chennai sees!
Our store in Chennai is all set with  Christmas Decor while our product range proudly presents a whole range of Carnatic themed souvenirs. Madras Melodies, Madras Music, Nothing Beats Chennai & MusicGaga are some of the captions that enhance our souvenir collection.

Go MORE gaga over Chennai now, we say.

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