Dei. – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai


Man, Woman or Child, if you have never been addressed as ‘dei’ at any point, consider yourself a Non-Tamil J. The word dei cannot really be translated into English successfully enough to do it justice. It’s an ultra form of casual, bordering on insult, and expressing an easy familiarity that surpasses any other exclamation or greeting.

It’s also a versatile word. Dei could mean just calling out or calling the attention of a person younger than you. Dei could mean you’re greeting a pet that just sauntered into the room. Dei could mean you’re going to give the person a real warning or scolding in the next sentence you utter. Or it could mean you find that person amusing if you say it laughingly. Those overcome with road rage would often find themselves uttering this word – It’s such a regular occurrence that we don’t even notice it!

It’s fun enough to wear on a t-shirt and become a conversation piece. So much so, that as soon as this new arrival entered our store, it sailed out with customers. The hand gesture depicted is the usual accompaniment to the uttering of the word ‘Dei!’ and is a purely fun element added to enhance the humourous appeal of the garment.

Do call the store if you like it. 044-42666745.

Open 6 days 10am-830pm / Mondays holiday.


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