Do the old – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Do the old

Of course, we know that ‘do the new’ is an effective tagline. In fact, we get carried away with it. New is always in. New clothes, new hairstyle, new products, new designs, new job, new husband, new wife, new baby, new pet – it all speaks of refreshment and rejuvenation. When you do the new, it feels good… mostly because of the novelty factor which plays on the mind.

For the body, it’s newly in vogue now, to be doing the old. How old? Quite ancient. Stone age, in fact! That’s what keto diets speak of, for example. What did the hunter eat? What did Man eat in the Stone Ages? The answer is: meat, vegetable ie protein and fibre. Also noteworthy, is the running fever that’s gripped the globe. Man running also dates back to the stone ages when Man ran … away from predators, towards his moving targets, to hunt and kill, etc.

So, exercise is not new. Presenting the way you exercise is what’s new.

Food is not new. Presenting a diet suitable for a specific purpose is new.

Speaking of doing the old during these ‘new’ times, RE-enter Yoga, the best exercise of all-time, combining your breath and body, heart and mind, Asana and Pranayama. Yoga is gentle on your joints, therapy for your mind and heart, and proactive for your extended well being. Indeed, Yoga is an ageless mode of wholesome exercise and has its origin in our own incredible country.

Whether you’re spiritually inclined, or focused on fitness, yoga is always the old and obvious answer. It was a part of our ancient, daily routine and has made a gigantic ‘comeback’ in the past decade especially, with many Europeans and Americans appreciating Yoga to be the best form of exercise. It is thus widely acclaimed in the West and developed nations and since we are unpopularly (!) known to ape the West, we are all back to yoga too!

For our first t-shirt dedicated to yoga, we took a humourous route. While we settle into a common, cross-legged yoga pose in our quest for calm and strength, we reveal the side of human nature which is quite opposite to the virtue of patience. Ie. Impatience!  “C’mon Inner Peace, I don’t have all day.” is how the t-shirt has been captioned with a typical ‘yogic’ sketch. We hope you like it.

And, Oh yes, we are gaga over yoga.

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