Fashionable Souvenir Anyone? Denim’s here. – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Fashionable Souvenir Anyone? Denim’s here.

Saris can never go out of fashion. They have a timelessness about them. Regardless of the material a sari is made of, the saree is considered as pure elegance. There is no fashion that rules saris. It is the sari that rules fashion and wins the prize for ‘best formal attire’ from India.

To draw a parallel to this in the western world, it is denim that is timeless in fashion. Can you recall a time that denim of some kind has not been in vogue? As a matter of fact, torn and messy denim jeans are haute couture now!

When we considered adding multi purpose shoulder bags made of cloth to our Chennai souvenir collection, cotton was an obvious choice. We pondered what other kind could possibly be as alluring as a smart printed cloth bag without losing its utility purpose.

We landed on denim and at the risk of bragging, we might state here that it has been one of our superior decisions. Denim with some of our über chic prints have set these bags apart. How set apart are we?

Well, have you checked your mental tick boxes to the following questions?
Love Tamil?
Love denim?
Seen Thamizh language based souvenirs?
Seen a unique Thamizh font unavailable on the Internet ?
Seen any Tamil print on any denim bag?


Hope you checked those with an X 😬
Cos here we have them.

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