For the heart that says Madras. – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

For the heart that says Madras.

Chennaigaga is all about the heart. To provide what the Chennai-loving heart wants is our vision. Be you near or be you far, you get to hold a piece of namma ooru Madras aka Chennai close to your heart. And you get to wear that heart on your sleeve, or instead, just wear one of our t shirts to feel the warm and fuzzies of your favourite city.

For those looking for Chennai gifts, Chennai souvenirs, or even a range of gifting ideas to choose from, we have something or the other in our collection for you.

We have also tried to do our part in reminiscing and fondly remembering the Madras of those golden yesterdays. ‘Madras’ as someone smartly said, is an emotion; a treasure trove of precious memories. The recall could be all at once bustling with life and colour as we knew it then, or regarded by the mind’s eye now in nostalgia-dipped black and white.

We might even go so far as to say that our hearts beat for Madras; for the city that was and still is, home.

‘A heart that says Madras’ is a design concept that’s simple and plain in emotion. It’s sure to win the fancy of many folks whose hearts fill with love at the thought of ‘their’ Madras.

Cotton T shirt, screen-printed in an ever-in-vogue combination of colours, perhaps this is just the gift for yourself or for a dear one to help reinstate good cheer.

Stay Safe, Stay Well. 


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