For the heart that says Madras. – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

For the heart that says Madras.

We Indians are dramatic by nature. We embrace drama in all forms. In theatres, on the roads(!),at work (office gossip, anyone?), and even in our homes. As a community, our feelings run deep. We have strong ties with all that we love and that translates to drama.

Chennaigaga too gets dramatic once in a while. We know what it means to take something to heart. Our business is Chennai souvenirs and Chennai is fondly remembered and reminisced for having been Madras. Madras is now a treasure in our precious memories, all at once bustling with life and colour as we knew it then, or seen by the mind’s eye now as black and white, old-is-gold memories. We call our city Chennai now but Madras is often the preferred name. Madras is a feeling we won’t let go of.

We might even go so far as to say that our hearts beat for Madras; for the city that was and that still is …home.

Our ex-team member Abrar is seen here in a thoughtful mood, posing for us in a t-shirt which design, he contributed to. It’s a design concept that’s simple yet effective with the drama of showing heart lines, and has won the fancy of many folks whose hearts fill with love at the thought of their Madras.

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