From the Caricature diaries – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

From the Caricature diaries

We bring different art styles into our Chennaigaga designs. We welcome the squiggles and scribbles, the fonts, the illustrations, pop art, abstract and all other artforms which resonate with the essence of the brand that celebrates namma Chennai.

One form that was missing but we knew we would get around to soon, was caricature. Like how they say ‘ask, and the Universe gives’, we kept pondering how good caricatures would be in our collection. Soon enough, we met an artist who immediately connected well with Chennaigaga and shared his skills as a caricature artist with us. He then brought forth a series of caricature artworks that are now presented on products like Mugs, T Shirts, and other accessories and gifts.

One of those designs featured a guy with a typical swagger and expression to depict namma ooru. A steaming tea glass and rubber chappals completed the look. His posture lent a hint of whacky humour. Attention to detail is a great thing about art and the exaggeration of certain details over others always makes for a really cool caricature.

The caption ‘ithu enga area ulla varathe’ translates in English to ‘This is our area, Don’t come in’. It was at first a sassy take but with these pandemic times, also an apt message for social distancing! This pun was NOT intended!

Screen-printed on a cool grey fabric to bring out the colours, this tshirt is now fresh stock at

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