Fully Chennai-fyd – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Fully Chennai-fyd

In an ideal world, life would be all about having fun. Even if it has its stark realities and mundane chores, every now and then the typical human would try and do something to break out of it to have some fun. This is the law of life. Fun is the aim. Anything that gives you joy and reason to smile or laugh.

The business of making tshirts and souvenirs for a living would also ideally be all fun and light heartedness. You would think. But then the price of cotton, labour to actually make the tshirt and the  sweaty, meticulous work of printing on the fabric not once but multiple times with precision, all dare to diminish the ‘fun’.

At Chennaigaga, the fun and work co-exist right at the beginning; at the concept stage. Getting  the concept approved in our heads and then wait for the actual design to capture the concept. And then, we send the design out to the factory for the actual making of the tshirt. When there is so much involved in honest business, we slash ideal and focus on the real. Work hard to play hard.

Our fully chennai-fyd tshirt is the perfect example of the coexistence of the ups and downs of life. It’s about how chuckles at the designing table turned to noises of exasperation in getting all the relevant elements together. How saying the words on this design out loud like dhoda, jummunu, bejaru get you tickled but printing them with precision is a tedious job quite set apart from the fun of how it reads.

In the end, it’s cut, printed, stitched, checked, folded, ironed and packed, sent, unpacked, displayed.
So when the customer walks in to our store and makes a beeline for this tshirt holding it close for scrutiny and nodding in agreement at ‘ushaar’ and ‘dabaichuten’, we rejoice at the tshirt sale not only because it’s our business, but because of the fun our customer has with it. During AND after the shopping.

Hope y’all are ready to wear the fully chennai-fyd tee with glee now.

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