Gateway to South India – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Gateway to South India

Chennai is also known as the Gateway to South India. Being the capital of Tamilnadu and the centre point for all ‘action’ in the state, the city is a hub for governance, politics, cinema, arts, music and more. Chennai / Madras is the international hub for Carnatic Music and can boast of being one of the most happening cities on the globe particularly in the month of December. December in Chennai is when the weather cooperates; tourists thus visit, NRIs home in, locals stay put to make the most of the weather and events, and the classical dance form of Bharathanatyam as well as Carnatic Classical Music is at its peak with performances and celebrations galore.

Chennai is also the land of opportunity. It is literally a dream destination for many, a place which gives life and chances for people’s dreams to come true. So much so that it has inspired song lyrics translating to “even heaven won’t be equal to our city” and “I love you Chennai – you enable me to make my living; nothing compares to you.”

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Chennai a ‘destination city’.

The most celebrated gateway into such a city is our train station – the Central. Looming large and grand, towering over passengers, its very shape, hue and solid layout seems to benevolently envelop incoming trains bringing in folks from all over the country to the city. It was fitting then, that we chose this landmark for our first-ever exclusive collection of souvenir t-shirts. It is our joy and pride to state that Chennaigaga gave the city its first-ever dedicated souvenir design collection and we knew we had to do justice to our beloved city.

The designer got the artwork right in one go without emphasis on colour and without making it a mere replication. It was simply the station in art form in all its classic glory, and we took it to print in a way that let the colour seep into the fabric and spread the design out as pleasingly as possible.

We named this design ‘Madras Central’ then, with the discussion that no other name would have the grand ring to it.


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