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Goodbyes are hard.

Thamizh Cinema / Thamizh Drama has suffered a serious loss in the passing away of Sri.Crazy Mohan.

An artist who brought immense joy with his seemingly-casual comedy writing, Crazy Mohan will forever be fondly remembered for his creations, movie dialogues, plays, and roles. Though unassuming in persona, his penning of dialogues was exceedingly clever and quick-witted even as he once in a while interspersed things with what we Thamizh folks call ‘kadi’ jokes.

*Kadi translated literally means ‘bite’ which means to say that although there is a joke, it’s as exasperating as it is funny.

A special mention of course to the combination of Crazy Mohan & Kamal Hasan; his writing for films starring namma UlaganayaganPadmashree Kamal Hasan ensured maximum mirth since Kamal Hasan brought Crazy Mohan’s superb writing to life in an unparalleled way.

Crazy Mohan’s humourous words transcend the ordinary and indeed, extend to even beyond life. Laughter, joy and fond memories have no ending and this is the rich legacy that Crazy Mohan is leaving behind with us. How awesome could a person have been who took the word ‘Crazy’ to his very name in the most celebratory manner ever, and who is always applauded for his childish enthusiasms & multi-artistic personality. Playwright, poet, writer, actor, artist…

It’s safe to go so far as to say that Crazy Mohan is a part of many a family. His humour is a part of our social gatherings and conversations, in our living rooms, and even in our everyday life because the humour he created has always been legendary for striking a chord across ages and stages.

May he rest in peace and joy.

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