Happy Madras Week, Makkale! – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Happy Madras Week, Makkale!

As Madras week begins, let’s start with a Classic. Set against a unique shade of grey to set off your natural skin tone, this t-shirt design is for the Nostalgic in you. When your mind wanders back to the time Chennai was Madras, can you imagine the ‘Madras’ scene as complete without this sturdy car? Families, friends, music, breezy drives along the beaches, recall of famous cinema car chase scenes… it’s a very Madras story.
It’s a comforting thought to consider the city when she was Madras. The look and feel was different. Chennai is still homely now and still warm as ever (!), but the name Madras envelops you like a warm muffler that the typical Chennaiite brings out of the cupboard on the second day of elusive rain in Chennai. That’s one of the feelings Madras evokes. On the occasion of Madras Day on August 22, go even more gaga over Chennai!

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From our Tictionary (Tamil Dictionary)Makkale – People

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