I Love Thamizh – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

I Love Thamizh

Tamil is an ancient language. It’s also a complicated one in terms of script, grammar and pronunciation. In fact, the die-hard Tamil would say it’s pronounced Tha-mi-zh and not Tamil. A rose by any other name is a rose, and so we would feel free to say Thamizh, Tamil, and even Thamil ( as the north Indians settled in TN would say!;-) ).

However we pronounce it, the fact is that we are totally gaga over this mother tongue of ours in the state of Tamilnadu, and the same holds good for Tamils settled all over the globe – Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, America, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and beyond. We wanted to begin our Thamizh series with an inclusive, positive and happy vibe though commonly, Tamil people’s love for their language has been known to be deep, passionate, unflinching and even downright serious! Yes, we DO need this many adjectives to describe the Tamilian’s true love for Thamizh!

To set the best tone for our sweet mother tongue, we decided that our first artwork on this subject should be simple by design, and effective in evoking emotion. Our designer shared our feeling and didn’t just use any tamil fonts already available on the internet. The designer set to work with a flourish and total freedom thus producing a font that’s pleasing and alluring at once. We hope you feel the same way too.

It simply reads: I <3 Thamizh.

This Chennaigaga design had the likes of Milind Soman going gaga over it. We caught him in this t-shirt which he sported quite often when we first launched it, during his initial Pinkathon visits to the city.

The other model featured in our ‘I love Thamizh’ t-shirt is a former member of our team – Abrar. Neither Milind’s nor Abrar’s mother tongue is Thamizh and yet, they sport this tee with aplomb.

Ninaipadhellaam sila samayangalil nadandhu vidugiradhu.

(Translation: Sometimes, wishes do come true)



(Translated: Happiness.)



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