Issued in Public Interest – Prevent Child Abuse – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Issued in Public Interest – Prevent Child Abuse

The recent events surrounding a child – a very young girl in the city of Chennai, who was assaulted by different adult men, has evoked dismay at its highest level. Nothing that anyone can do or say now can erase the ordeal from that child’s life, or the anguish of her family, or the crime from the face of our city. That even animals may not resort to this kind of depraved behavior is a given – biology took care of it.

Man has descended to an all-time low with the abuse of children. We at Chennaigaga do humbly urge every parent, every compassionate adult and educated child / teenager, to always look out for signs of such activity which would leave an indelible scar on the child in all ways – physical, mental and emotional. All parents have to ensure the supervision of their child’s environment at all times. These incidents do not happen to ‘others’ alone.

The moment we step out of denial, we can recognize that every street, every office, every family even, would have at least one abuser in it.

Bet that sentence chills you to your very bone. Please read the statistics again and you would unhappily believe what we say. We should remember here that even the statistics do not present the complete picture. Many cases go unreported.

Further, it would be best for sexually active teenagers and adults out there whose minds are giving way to thoughts of sneaky behavior around the innocent and vulnerable, to recognize this behavior as a sickness and get the correct psychiatric counseling for it.

We as a society have to protect our young. That can only be achieved by educating them, teaching them the art of avoiding and escaping from such situations and keeping an uncompromising vigil over the young.

Let’s first make our Chennai safe and contribute to children’s wellness the world over, by coming together for this cause. We have overcome natural and manmade calamites in the recent past, by showing solidarity and helping strangers and friends alike, and we have moved on stronger than ever. We can do this, Chennaiites.

We must.

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