It’s Namma Auto!  – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

It’s Namma Auto! 

There’s nothing about autos that we don’t like. Especially Namma Chennai autos.
The auto rickshaw is the pride of Chennaiites and the joy of most auto drivers.
It goes where no human can ever go. It is often steered like you could quote ‘Bend it like Beckham’. It bolts forward like a Ferrari could not…on  Chennai roads. It’s ‘mass’ like our superstar. It is versatile like our Ulaganayagan. It strikes chords with people of all walks of life. It’s a great leveller as it overtakes the most expensive car on any given road with enviable dexterity.
It wields power like nothing else can, because it can either refuse your ride or take you safely to your destination and wait patiently beyond its call of duty because it’s an ‘Auto in waiting’ and that’s how it’s done. The auto is like Lady Luck that way. It’s the most useful personal vehicle on the roads. Come rain or shine, it’s both protected and ventilated – all naturally and craftily done.
Scores of stories have regaled us over the years about life-saving auto drivers. Some who rushed their passenger to the hospital in time, those who returned huge amounts of money to passengers who forgot to take their money bags along when they got off, and those who have been so humane that theirs would be impossible acts to follow.
Namma Chennai Autos are a formidable element of our city. How can we not celebrate them on our cool cotton tshirts?

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