Kaapi that – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Kaapi that

That was a PJ (poor joke) but it would work amongst gregarious coffee-lovers. Coffee always works. Correction- ‘kaapi’, always works. The aromatic South Indian filter coffee made with a typical method across scores of households. Buy the freshly-ground coffee powder, deposit big tablespoons of the powder into a stainless steel filter, pour boiling hot water in it, brew the decoction thus, add this decoction to milk and often sugar, and inhale the aroma in quite a hurry before drinking your kaapi in deeply with gusto.

This is pretty much the ‘petrol’ a South Indian coffee-lover needs first thing in the morning, to ignite their personality into accepting loud and cheery ‘good mornings’ and further conversations.

Going forward in the day, intersperse with half tumblers, quarter tumblers and whatever kaapi comes your way. No matter how hot the days are in Chennai, the kaapi would need to be hotter. It’s a South Indian quirk to complain about the heat and humidty while sweating it out over a steaming dabbra tumbler of piping hot coffee.

The motto is ‘Keep the kaapi coming’, because the fact is, ‘kaapi keeps me going’. Ergo.

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