Lockdown Status in Chennai and beyond – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Lockdown Status in Chennai and beyond


Stating the obvious, none of us is assured to have immunity against the Corona Virus today and there is a lot going on that we are yet to figure out. Do we know that we won’t be infected by it at some point? No. But we are all in it together. We are all affected by it. Chennai like many other cities across the world, is in lockdown. India’s 21 Day Lockdown is underway. When we first heard the word Lockdown, the common reaction was one of bewilderment. What is this Corona Virus and why is it causing an unprecedented event called a Lockdown? We don’t have all the answers as yet except for the virulent quotient of the virus and the high level of contagiousness that’s prevailing, but there there certain points we can arrive at now that we are well into the Lockdown.

It means we have known and unknown points to consider. While we can’t say much about the unknown issues, there is one supremely significant point that is known.  We as a people, have to stay at home to stay safe. It means we have to practise great hygiene and stay around 4 feet away from the next person. Social distancing. Even in our distant dreams we would not have envisaged such a phrase. Avoiding contact is the key. Staying home like all days are Sundays is the key. Remember when Sundays were looked forward to? A day for leisure and rest. But too much of even a good thing is a bad thing.  And so we pine for normalcy. Monday might become the new Sunday ie the most anticipated day of the week!

Staying Home can be a bitter pill to swallow when the worries of meeting expenses, overheads without possibilities of revenue and income peak on a day to day basis.
But as our PM said if there’s no life, there’s no world as we know it. So we have to focus on the basics now.

We know that the virus spreads easily and quickly and is as of now sturdier than us. We know that social distancing is the safest and the best way to make it happen and the best way to achieve that, is to stay home.

In a diverse and densely populated country like India, it is impossible to achieve a ‘stay home’ status unless a Lockdown is enforced. It cannot be said enough that this Lockdown is to protect us. It’s for namma protection. It’s for the ‘greater good’ and a true ‘all for one and one for all’ example. And so while staying home, we can do many things apart from eat, sleep, clean and exercise. We can read, we can write, we can hone our skills in the best way we can, we can innovate and be creative without timelines and barriers and we have the internet at our finger tips to prepare and rejuvenate our mental and physical selves.

And we can practise gratitude. Because we have only one thing to do as common folk and that is Staying home and staying safe while we wait for the world to right itself.
Chennaigaga took an earlier precaution and closed the store on March 19 for the protection of our customers, associates and staff. We are enthusiastic about reopening the Chennaigaga store after the lift of the Lockdown. We always loved Chennai and Chennaiites and now after becoming the first official CSK Superstore ever,  the beautiful colour yellow of our home team gives the new spin of #yellove on it.

Until we reopen, we are online and will blog and share our thoughts and aspirations while all the while staying home and staying safe as we pray, are you.

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