Made in Madras? – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Made in Madras?

The best part is that you don’t have to be. We learned this from our customers. Although we originally intended those who were actually ‘made’ in Madras or those folks to whom Madras meant a great deal to go gaga over this t-shirt, we realised that film stars & models from the North were also wearing this t-shirt. In fact, a person in London saw an actor wearing it on TV and emailed us asking for details of this t-shirt! That apart, foreigners & tourists bought it for a different meaning perhaps, but with the same gusto.

Some designs are effective in their simplicity. They’re what the corporate world calls a no-brainer. Stories in as few as 4 words have been told — some chilling, some delightful and mostly all are hard-hitting. Song lyrics containing just a few words have rocked the world for many years. So, it follows that a catchy, meaningful caption on a cool cotton t-shirt would be a choice made in under 30 seconds even!

The name Madras is gold. Ok, call it old, call it Chennai’s previous name, but it touches something in you. And if you were born in ‘those Madras days’, this would be a favourite in your t-shirt collection. What’s happily curious is how folks who have nothing to do with Madras love it.

We at Chennaigaga now realise that some designs are always meant to be…in stock!

In your favourite black now.

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