Mindvoice of the Chennaiite in brackets. – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Mindvoice of the Chennaiite in brackets.

As long as we are talking seriously about Chennai, we will be talking very seriously about the weather. When it’s summer like now, it’s really hot. When it’s Autumn (what’s that?!), it’s hot. When it’s Spring (isn’t that like a water fountain?!), it’s too warm. And when it’s Winter, it’s still summer only but we sweat a bit less that’s all. So we laugh in Namma Winter because the weather gets to being ‘tolerable’ although  we cry inwardly, knowing that Namma Chennai summer with a whopping 9 months’ validity is right around the corner in the guise of spring, fall and what not.

So why wouldn’t we have a special, always-in-vogue design with the quintessential steaming hot dabbra tumbler (that hot beverage in it is our personal petrol) that’s captioned:
‘Chennai Hot, it is!’

Yes we don’t just say Chennai – it’s hot cos that’s pure English. We say oh Chennai …HOT, it is! (Cos we’re like that only)

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