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Oru Chennaiite-in Diary

Is there anyone who is fully prepared for the summers of Chennai? The city is famous for its overwhelming hot weather. Spring, Autumn or Winter have no real place here! They are seasons from another world; maybe a parallel universe even, it would seem to the exasperated Chennaiite even as he / she wipes a bead of sweat from the forehead. So, we put together some summery (!) reactions – just as we have heard it.

Every year, the voice of the typical Chennaiite goes like this:

January – “How nice the weather in Chennai is! The cool breeze made me wear a jacket today. I wish this could always be the weather here.”

February – “Chennai remains surprisingly pleasant in Feb. Maybe this summer would be harsher than last year’s?”

March – “We had a good, longish ‘winter’ this year – it has lasted until now! I wonder how many more days we can keep the fan running at Speed 3 instead of 4.”

April – “This year’s summer is going to be a disaster. The ceiling fan is going at its highest speed, but the breeze from it is avoiding me!

May – “This is the worst place to be in during the month of May. Though the clothes are dry and warm in an hour and the coffee never goes cold, I can’t bear the heat. And…’Agni Natchathiram’ and its effects are vera level!

June – “This year’s June is hotter than last year’s! Unbearable.”

July – “How is it fair that it’s July and still so hot?”

August – “The summers in Chennai are unending. The fan is not enough, the AC is not enough!”

September – “Maybe summer is the only season Chennai will ever have! Ugh. Where are the rains?”

October – “By this time last year, Chennai had cooled down. Why is it still so hot this year in October?”

November – “Can’t call it winter, but the rains are helping …while it’s raining. The moment the rain stops, we start perspiring and it’s summer all over again!”

December – “Chennai is the best city in the world. The sun is as bright as it was in summer, but the weather is superb – who needs Ooty and Kodaikanal? But I’m scared of the upcoming summer which will be here before you know it.”

This is the Chennai we know and love even as we lovingly hate the hot weather almost all year through!

Should we have any doubts then, that the semma sweaty Chennai summer needs dedicated celebrations of its uniquely-hot weather? 

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