Our Vaazhapazha Kadhai (The Banana Story) – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Our Vaazhapazha Kadhai (The Banana Story)

No matter how many years it’s been, some scenes from Thamizh Cinema have become iconic and timeless for us locals, and almost all references to missing objects is labelled as ‘the banana story’.

The banana story refers to a comical scene from a film titled  ‘Karakattakkaaran’ involving the successful comedy actor-duo Senthil and Koundamani, who rocked so many films as a pair.

This simple anecdote from the Chennaigaga office, is about A banana.
Was hungry at work this morning without breakfast and bought myself a few bananas. Ate just one and then left two on my table and went out.
When I got back a few hours later, there was only one banana left on the table. Just the sight of it when I was expecting two, made me chuckle and recall the vaazhai pazham scene.
And that’s how memorable namma Thamizh cinema is.
And it turns out, that another Chennaigaga team member wanted a snack and polished it off while I was away.

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