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  • Ganesh (2018)
    "Very nice, customer-oriented shop."
    Ganesh (2018)
  • Dominic Savio (2018)
    "Brings back spirit of Chennai."
    Dominic Savio (2018)
  • Susan Infantina R. (2018)
    "Very interesting stuff. Keep up the good work!:-)"
    Susan Infantina R. (2018)
  • Seema S. (2018)
    "It is a place for people who are crazy about Chennai."
    Seema S. (2018)
October 22, 2021

Chennaigaga:The Beginning – a personal anecdote from Sujata.(Co-Founder)

It was a warm sunny day in August. I was on a holiday abroad in Langkawi, Malaysia and was visiting a small island there. I was just being a regular, curious tourist and exploring the locality. One of the streets there was full of colourful stalls selling different types of […]

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