South Indian Food lovers – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

South Indian Food lovers

At Chennaigaga, we realize that it’s ok to ‘make a song and dance’ about food. After all, Thamizh Cinema does it all the time; though not so much about food as they do about romance, family celebrations and even fights! So we common people can choose our every day song and dance which is mostly about meeting near and dear ones for outings that almost always involve food. We make a mini meal a king’s feast just with all the accompanying chutneys, sambar and coffee!

There are certain foods which are delectable and universally (read: southern Indians world-wide) accepted as yummy, comforting and a meal for any time of the day. Examples would be idlis, dosais, and vadais. These three items deserve individual attention to wax eloquent on, and we will get there. We are already halfway there by having separate idly and dosai designs going good judging by how fast we run out of stock in these. But for an at-a-glance consumption, we threw them all in for a single, happening design and that’s our:

Idly Dosai Vadai Repeat style.

We always have, always do and always will, repeat these three snacks in our lifetime of food-consumption. Ergo, the design.

If for one moment, the typical South Indian could close his or her eyes and visualize a life or even a week (or day?!) without idlis, dosais and vadais, we challenge you that the closed eyes would open with a bang in alarm. What sort of a horrid thought is that to wonder, eh.

Don’t wonder. Just indulge in some and have a good weekend!

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