Thamizh Cinema – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Thamizh Cinema

If there’s one love that binds us all in India, it is the love of movies. Films in regional languages are most exciting to the folks of the respective regions. One of the most fiercely loyal regions is namma ooru. Tamilnadu is a state with bubbling enthusiasm for its language and cinema. Not unlike a volcano, we Tamils are always ready to come out with our gloriously hot hues and stake our claim to all that’s Thamizh – both within our cinema and without. Unsurprising then, that Kollywood is very much a part of most families and day to day lives.

Though many people resist calling it Kollywood and prefer the phrase ‘Thamizh Cinema’, it’s pretty much like the old saying ‘a rose is a rose is a rose’. The kind of passion this art form enjoys in Tamilnadu is incomparable. We embrace everything about it – the good, the bad, the ugly and the sad too.

In lighter vein and to demonstrate our enjoyment by taking it a notch higher, we designed our first Kollywood tshirt. My colleague first simply put pen to paper and in a few deft strokes, expressed his fun take on namma cinema in a kind of ‘table of contents’ format. Listing them out here with our own freestyle explanation is our pleasure.

Kuthupaatu – a folk dance with some stellar kuthu moves suitable to the energetic drum beats & unique lyrics so typically and locally Thamizh.

Tasmac song – Taboo or not, some high-spirited song sequence is sure to enter a typical movie script here.

Dream song – to keep things realistic, we dream!! Because, only in our dreams can we truly achieve such a degree of unabashed romance and beautiful melody in one go along with a good workout!

Mother and Sister Sentiments – which sound like they’re the same thing, but they are really not! Amma or Mother has a different meaning especially in the protagonist’s eyes in nearly every movie and her role would carry the weight of no other. If the hero has a sister in the film, you’d agree that his was quite the full family life befitting an Azhagiya Thamizh Magan ie, it’s popularly becoming of a Thamizhan to have his mother’s and sister’s sentiments well-respected and cherished.

Climax fight – Nothing worth having is easily achieved. The obstacle of the story has to be overcome only in a fight close to the movie’s end so that you dump your popcorn and move to the seat’s edge. There is a different level of satisfaction for a Thamizh-cinema-loving movie-goer to watch the main character get punched and hit and then turn it around against all odds and defeat the villain.

Psst. Can you remember a hit film where a villain won against the hero?

By no means is this list all-encompassing of the beauty of Thamizh Cinema. But it sure is an enjoyable start to our designs dedicated to the wonder that is Kollywood.

For our cinema-theme tshirt, we chose a shade that would stand out from our usual colours. It’s from the orange family – a colour that holds prosperity, positivity and cheer in it. Similar to the happy feeling that a movie outing evokes.

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