The Chennaiite – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

The Chennaiite

This is a personal proud share from Chennaigaga and we are collectively happy about it, joining hands with everyone who lives and has ever-lived in our city.

We are the first EVER to have branded the Chennaiite – ie the local, the native, the unique individual that hails from and identifies him or her self as truely blue-ly Chennai! Not before in the history of this city had it happened. It only began when we started going gaga over Chennai!

And what better way to pinpoint how unique we are as Chennaiites? The barcode. It sets you aside from all others and you can now thump it on your chest that your belonging is from the Gateway to South India aka Chennai formerly known and fondly remembered as the city of Madras.

We have more than one design in the Chennaiite category – keeping them delightful and sometimes cheeky; will share more soon on that.


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