The Essential part of summer. – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

The Essential part of summer.

We have the summer king of the dining table here. The Curd Rice (Yogurt Rice) also known as Thayir Sadham down south of India. Just a wholesome mashup of cooked rice and yogurt, our thayir sadham is an essential food of the South Indian cuisine and comes in a variety of preparations. Plain, seasoned, with fruits like pomegranate or green grapes, with chillies, or just served separately and then mashed together with salt. The sides to curd rice are popularly pickle and assorted chillies. So while we cool our systems down with the curd and rice, we also need life spiced up and ergo the chillies and pickles. It’s no surprise that folks are sated and calm after a bowl of curd rice. Hunger is appeased, tummy is full (rather too full, too often!) and zen mode prevails.

Keep calm and Eat Thayir Sadham works. Try it.

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