The First of the Kid’s souvenir T-shirt-collection. – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

The First of the Kid’s souvenir T-shirt-collection.

“Any designs for kids?” We faced this question many times as soon as we launched the adults’ t-shirt range. Understandable because kids are the best members of any family to gift a souvenir t-shirt to. Gauging sizes or preferred colours isn’t as much of a challenge when it comes to kids and it’s so much fun to pick out a design that would appeal to a tiny human.

We got started right away. The first-ever design that we created was a wholesome one. We decided that it had to have as much of Chennai in it as possible, with a pucca souvenir feeling. There are some designs that are just meant to be and this was one of them. Still going strong in production with a consistent fan-following because of the colours and elements is our Tamilnadu-Chennai tshirt design. Like the city & state, the depiction images are timeless too. Temple, Napier bridge, Central station, the Sun (!), the auto rickshaw and the Bay of Bengal all lend themselves to make the design a must-have in the kids’ collection.

This turned out to be a design that we later borrowed for the adult t-shirt collection too because that’s what ‘the people’ wanted. We work for our city and for our customers, and therefore even though this artwork turned out to be a challenge for our printing team, we persevered and convinced them to make it happen for us.

With a design having colours jump right out at you, we also go easy on the t-shirt fabric colour in order to allow the art to do its thing.

Tamilnadu Chennai – kiddos’ delight.

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