The Unisex Uni-size Lungi! – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

The Unisex Uni-size Lungi!

Chennai Express the Hindi movie, brought the attire ‘Lungi’ out to a wide audience like never before. The Lungi is a garment worn casually around the waist  by both men and women and is usually woven from cotton. Lungis come in different designs and colours typically in checks. The popular predominant colours are blue, black and sometimes red.

For daily purposes, the Lungi is absolutely casual, comfortable and suitable for hot and humid places like namma city/country. They are sewn into a tube shape like a skirt but with greater length in order to achieve a simple knot. It’s wrapped like a sarong with very little maintenance and effort required.

Most times, it works as oh-so-comfortable night wear for men too.

When the song Lungi Dance was released and became a hit, we South Indians were half-amused and half-annoyed. The tune was catchy but the idea of taking off on our beloved Lungi was somewhat annoying. Stand-up Star Comedian SA Aravind was indeed irked enough to dedicate a ‘Chapathi’ song in retaliation which is part of his gigs and has found roaring (literally) approval amidst the South Indian population as a direct hit-back at all North Indians for their tongue-in-cheek Lungi Dance — however popular it became. Lungi Dance is  played at all our get-togethers alright, but with the same mixed feelings.

That aside, we at Chennaigaga feel that though Mania comes in all shapes and sizes, in the case of the Lungi, one size fits all.

Coming soon @ Chennaigaga!

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