To the letter. – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

To the letter.

Thamizh is a deep language. Tamils all over the globe unite with feeling just based on their native language and in recent years, many foreigners have acquired a keen interest in Thamizh too.

At our Chennaigaga store on TTK Road, Royapettah, we often observe tourists and foreigners who visit us, looking extra-keenly at our Tamil-themed range of t-shirts and souvenirs. They spend time in carefully observing the design and asking our team members questions related to Tamil and the meaning of the letters they see. In fact, they often run their fingers over the lines of the Thamizh letters in a rather fascinated manner.

Not to puff up with pride or anything(!), but we really do take special pleasure in our Thamizh range of designs and craft each one with mindfulness in order to keep it unique and appealing. We also take a little extra time considering the colours used in print to ensure that it’s indeed a complete work of art.

The ‘uck’ t-shirt as we call it informally and TAMIL LETTERS as the description says, has been free-flowingly designed in a random arrangement that somehow comes together after all. Ultimately, it falls in line with a definite boundary and has the last letter of the ‘uyir-ezhuthu’ ie UCK (as pronounced) landing smack in the middle of the artwork. As a child studying the language, both pronunciation and eye-appeal of this last letter ‘uck’ rendered much delight and hence, it takes its rightful place at the centre.

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