Vanakkam, CHENNAIGAGA. Chennai. GAGA? – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Vanakkam, CHENNAIGAGA. Chennai. GAGA?

Did you know?

The name Chennaigaga was coined in 2009 putting the words Chennai and gaga together to express the emotion behind making it the brand name of a Chennai-Souvenir venture. The tagline here is: Go gaga over Chennai!

Many folks have asked us: What does gaga really mean? Well, to be Gaga means to be crazy about something or someone and we say ‘go gaga over…’

So, Gaga is beyond love, really. It’s not enough to just say love any more. No. We’ve got to go all out and GAGA!

What’s life without some exuberance?

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