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What’s normal?

Not just in namma Chennai, but many parts of the world are now fighting against the Corona Virus, a crisis with unprecedented consequences. We are staying home and staying safe in this Lockdown period and  also staying online for the most part. It’s probably a blessing that we have such a crisis in the Internet era and not in the days of yore. It’s a way of life now to be connected to everyone and anyone virtually. The sense of alienation is less heavy and there is as much to do online than offline.
We see a lot of throwbacks now since the start of the Corona crisis. They call these throwbacks happier times. They call the past  ‘normal’ in as many words. They use the words ‘remember when’ a lot.
But if we really throw our minds back to the days before Corona, would we call them normal? Would we stop and say ‘here’s a normal day’ even say, a week after the ‘normal day’?
What’s normal then?
Today, when we are on our nth day of the 21 day Lockdown and wouldn’t we call it a ‘normal’ day? There’s a routine and a sense of normalcy for many people especially those staying home during this crisis.
We adapt to every situation with a little time, and while we face every day with some fear, we also harbour much hope and live in anticipation of the lift of the lockdown.
At Chennaigaga, we have thus far in our ten year journey adapted by adjusting much of our processes to suit customer wants and needs.  We are a brand FOR Chennai and  BY Chennai …by Chennaiites and  folks all over the world who consider Chennai to be so special in their hearts.
We are hoping to continue to adapt in these changing and challenging times once we are allowed to reopen. We also hope that our customers can hold our hands and we theirs, through this crisis.

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