When Chennai was Madras – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

When Chennai was Madras

That’s what we called this design. We wanted a celebration of the nostalgia that the name Madras evokes. Chennaigaga has always celebrated the city of Chennai and its people and things, and has always enjoyed a Madras line in all its collections. So when we wanted a simple t-shirt to capture that old is gold feeling, we thought we should just let it ring as Madras with a few elements worked in.

Closed eyes and a throwback thought to when the city was Madras brought to mind a cycle rickshaw, an ambassador and a lot of vintage, old-feel elements. While bringing all of namma nalla Madras into one single depiction might have crowded the artwork, we just let our designer capture a few aspects and signed if off with a rustic effect to enhance the meaning of Madras to all who still love the city from then.

Black and white seals the whole yesterday’s look and we didn’t mess further with the art created especially for a simple and warm memory.

We call it the ‘Old Madras’ design.

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