Whether Chennai Weather…? – Themed Tshirts for Tourist Souvenir in Chennai

Whether Chennai Weather…?

The weather in Chennai now is a reminder of how little is in our control. Just about a week ago, we were sweating it out and griping about the heat that never ends. This is the premise on which Chennaigaga’s “Four Summers – Only in Chennai!” design is happily based. The sun is strong and the heat is hot here!

And then, came the rains, steadily cooling us all down and giving us less to complain about. The festival of Deepavali was celebrated but the weekend was spent cowering under umbrellas outdoors, and blankets indoors.

We have now slipped into what we like to call the “Tea Sollu” weather – when we grasp tumblers of our favourite hot beverage tight in our cold hands. We Chennaiites are so unused to chilly winds and ice-cold water in our taps. The mufflers and sweaters, hoodies and shawls are dug out from the deepest recesses of our cupboards. These were earlier only meant for travel to cold places but Namma Chennai is now giving us good reason to use them right here. On these rainy days, it’s hard to accept that our clothes usually dry to a warm and crisp finish under the blazing sun 345 days a year. But the remaining 20 or so wet days lead us to miss the sun and dither over where to dry the clothes (terrace or living room?!)

Speaking of hot beverages like our teas and coffees, here’s a selection of designs guaranteed to warm up the shivering Chennaiite in you!

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