10 benefits of gifting

The concept of gifting dates back to ancient times – way back apparently, to when humans were cavemen! And what’s more, gifting to win the favour of, wish someone well, show them you appreciate them, etc. may not even be unique to the human race. Even pet animals are known to gift their ‘hoomans’ in their own little adoring, but rather disgusting ways — like your cat dropping off a dead lizard near your foot, for example! 😂

Gifts have obviously evolved since those cavepeople days! Gifting is a symbolic gesture – it shows thought, affection, appreciation, love, and is dope. The benefits of gifting include these:

  1. To make someone feel special

We are each a unique individual and there can never be another you, or me. Corny as it sounds, this is one of the best feelings in the world. And this is validated when another person makes a gesture to acknowledge that you’re special. Gifting does that.

  1. Builds stronger connections

When someone gives you a gift, you instantly know that they have taken either time, effort, money or thought or all of these, to place that gift in your hand. They have considered you to be valuable enough to gift something to. This creates a bond and strengthens it too. It‘s a token symbolic of a larger gesture.

  1. It creates happiness

The person giving a gift feels happy to be able to express their good feeling to the receiver. They also feel good about themselves as it is one of the ultimate social gestures. The person receiving the gift feels happy to get this acknowledgement of their value.

  1. It shows appreciation and is a reward

A thank you gift or a gift for a job well done are both appreciative gestures. It offers validation and praise in expression and benefits both the giver and the receiver.

  1. Gifts show you care

Words are often relegated to being ‘just words’ when action does not happen. It is not just about the  material aspect of the gift, When you gift someone an object that you have put some thought and effort into, it simply shows you care for that person. If the person is an avid reader and you gift them a latest bestseller or a coupon to the book shop, you are likely to be forever remembered for that gesture because books are very important in that person’s life. If you gift a Carnatic music enthusiast some object that celebrates Carnatic music, it thrills them! Every gift is accompanied by an intangible, positive emotion.

  1. Influencing - To make others more thoughtful

When you give a gift, it shows that you put thought in to it and in response the person who receives that gift from you also recognizes the thoughtfulness in that gesture and appreciates and learns from it. It most often happens that the person while buying his or her own next gift, would automatically be inspired by your thoughtful gift and in turn put more thought when they become the giver. In this way, it influences them to take that extra care in picking out a gift for another.

  1. Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

When you start scouting around for a gift for someone, all your energy is focussed on the other person’s happiness. This naturally makes you feel good. Despite the fact that you would have a budget for the gift and have to part with some money to get it, your vibes are channelled towards uplifting another individual and nothing is better for our own mental well being than spreading joy. The whole cycle of gifting right from the thought to the search to the purchase and then the giving and beholding the response to the gift, is one filled with joy. Few things can substitute these type of warm and fuzzy social interactions with a win-win situation.

8.     Gifts can be given for every reason and no reason too!                                            
You can use gifts as tokens for a wide variety of expressions and gestures. Right from an apology to a reward and from a special occasion to absolutely no reason at all except to make someone else happy, a gift is a positive expression.

9. The Giver’s Good Feeling

You might say why such a wasteful process because gifts are sometimes not even well received or put to use by the receiver. So why can’t we just each spend our own money and be happy instead of this unnecessary process of buying something for someone else? This is where psychology disagrees. The act of giving results in a prolonged feeling of joy when you make someone else happy.  It promotes better energy and a wholesome good feeling.

10. Spreads Gratitude

How many Gurus both from the ancient past and the new age ones have reiterated the immense power of gratitude? We have lost count! Modern Life and Work Performance Coaches also advocate maintaining a gratitude journal in order to experience the best feelings of being alive and happy with what we already have. The act of giving and receiving as it is passed on from person to person promotes this grateful feeling. One is thankful for the opportunity to give and the other is thankful to have received the gift! Gratitude is a powerful thing!

The beauty of giving a gift is that it’s all up to you! You can decide the budget, the effort, the thought, etc. based on the individual and your personal parameters.

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