A place called Nostalgia

Sundays are for leisure activities and also NO activity! A day to just do as you wish. So, we wish to indulge in nostalgia this Sunday. Allowing ourselves to be transported back in time to a Madras that was seemingly simpler. Less traffic, less noise, less people. We mention many a ‘less’ but the memories are all the ‘more’.

Remember the friendly Amby? The car that could fit everyone if it decided to?! The car that could be driven in lieu of a workout? (!) The car that didn’t care about being sleek and glossy? (!) The car that wasn’t a lean mean motor machine! It was more like a stout and robust family member you could always rely on. A comfortable car that made you feel quite on top of things. (This is the ‘Madras’ in Chennaigaga that’s talking, by the way!)
But we are not really talking about a car, are we? We are speaking of all the things it stands for and the memories it evokes.

Memories of people enjoying a car together. Of families, extended families, friends and outings. Of picnics, long road trips and an all-you-can-carry amount of luggage. It is in fact, a classic Madras sight.
Yes, nostalgia is a fine sentiment to indulge in on Sundays, especially. A day when you can stand still and not move forward (unless you want to).

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We have mousepads in black that hint at the black and white depiction that are typically old memories, t-shirts in blue that make the design spring forth in a contrast white, and ceramic mugs (capacity around 310 ml) that carry the same artwork in red for that dash of colour that sets it apart. Chennai and Madras souvenirs is a niche that’s both loveable and necessary. Keepsakes and memorabilia are equal to joy.

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