A Tee Note.

The T-shirt is a garment that’s timeless. Its comfort is rather unmatched. It is also a versatile apparel. You could wear a T-shirt inside your regular clothes as an extra layer to keep you warm, which of course, would not happen if you live in Chennai(!). The T-shirt is the preferred outfit to live in, lounge in, to attend casual gatherings in, play sports in, exercise in, and eat and sleep in. This is the wide periphery of comfort within which The T-shirt operates! The lack of extravagant styling and customised tailoring enables the T-shirt to also be very affordable.

We would now like to share some gyan about T-shirts including Did-You-Knows.

Many people ask for collared t-shirts or V-necks as opposed to the regular round necks. Round necked t-shirts are the most popular tees since they have a uniform style and comfort factor. The V-neck style sounds good but does not suit everyone. Moreover, it is not as suited for a wide variety of prints as the round necked t-shirts are.

When you favour polo t-shirts, the material and your knowledge of it comes into question. Some polos or collared t-shirts might not be of the quality you would expect. While they are well suited to both formal and casual occasions, the spotlight is on the quality which could be questionable and the design either printed or embroidered on polos, also need to suit the category. An artwork that works well on a round neck tee might not suit a collared tee whereas the reverse is not true. The round necks are more ‘all-rounded’ if you will. 😊

When you have a favourite t-shirt, rarely do you want it to disappear longer than 24 hours! To help this garment last longer, we recommend that you send it to wash inside out, don’t wring it too hard, don’t dry it under direct sunlight, and never iron on the print.

A common myth about T-shirts is that the thinner the fabric, the poorer the quality and thicker the fabric, the better the quality. This is not really true. Fine cotton of superior quality actually feels a whole lot softer and thinner, and is therefore more expensive. This is the quality that is imported from us by the more developed nations!

More Tee and other notes soon!