A Thoughtful Customer and A DID-YOU-KNOW note

Did you know that this T-Shirt by Chennaigaga is Chennai’s FIRST-EVER Chennaiite t-shirt? We had mentioned about the gap we have aimed to fill in Chennai’s souvenir scene in our previous post, so we knew in 2010 that we had to cater to Chennai enthusiasts not only from a souvenir perspective, but also from a Chennaiite’s. All Chennaivaasi’s know what it feels like to belong to Chennai. We also know what it feels like to leave home and also how good it feels when you set foot back in Chennai after a trip away. And if you are a NRI Chennaiite, then the feeling is at least times deeper. Well, you can flaunt your belonging wherever you go by wearing this Chennaiite t-shirt.

As we had also mentioned in an earlier post, Chennaigaga is a customer-oriented brand. When we said it is a brand for all those who love Chennai, we meant it. We respect and cherish the inputs of all our customers!

We received a picture this weekend from our customer Mr. Suresh, which absolutely made our month! He sent us a picture of his office colleagues and himself wearing the ‘Barcode Chennaiite’ black t-shirts bought from chennaigaga.com
Heartfelt Nandri to Mr. Suresh for this wonderful share. Chennaigaga’s Chennaiite tshirt is the luckiest design of the month and we feel like the luckiest brand!!

This artwork brings out that true feeling of pride and shows off that you’re a pucca Chennaivaasi! Unique too! Here, a simple artwork has been presented in the all-time favourite combination of black and white. It was created for Chennaigaga by Swamynathan, who is one of Chennaigaga’s earliest associates, and we are grateful to have the chance to work with a trusted artist like him.

When we got the idea to make a nice collection for proud locals of Namma Chennai, we outlined the concept as one that should say unique, smart and have the word Chennaiite on it. Simple is elegant and simple is always fashionable. Perhaps that’s why this design has remained in our ever-green collection and continues to be a bestseller.

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