Back to biz and bulk

Vanakkam from Chennaigaga after quite a break! We have lots of things to share with you. The past few months have been busy, Chennai has been hot ‘n’ happening though the weather has been cool in Chennai (okay, okay, it’s cool for Chennai’s standards). 😊

The above image is a blended take on the kaapi raagam as well as on the beverage and of course, the season in Chennai. 

Chennaigaga has also been happening and one of the main reasons is a wonderful opportunity we have been lucky enough to get, to work with Carnatic Superstar Sri. Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s team, creating merchandise for his Thamizhum Naanum concerts. These concerts are set to take place in the US this year and we had awesome Thamizhum Naanum experiences in December, here in Chennai too. A great start has been made towards this endeavour, and we are indeed honoured to be the chosen brand to capture the magic of Sanjay Sub’s music.

More on this happy development very soon.

We have also resumed taking bulk orders with customisations in products like T-shirts, mugs, magnets and badges. Why these specific products? It’s because we are confident of the quality we offer in these. After 13 years of Chennaigaga, we stay focused on quality and delivering a committed experience to our customers. 

We have introduced hoodies from Chennaigaga and are working on oversized T-shirts. Being a Chennai Themed brand, our focus is more on celebrations related to all things Chennai and beautiful. The language, the cuisine, the people, the experiences, the quirks, the sentiments, etc all find expression here. 

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