Chennai - Hot, it is!

In 2009, there was a lot of brainstorming. We were literally tripping over ourselves to launch the brand and were working intensively towards it. Chennai didn’t have souvenirs before us and Chennaigaga was going to be a first-of-its-kind venture! This excitement was fortified by people we introduced our idea to – from business people to retailers to celebrities. They all said that they would have liked to commence such a venture themselves!

As we began laying out the concepts, we first came up with a few ideas which might be cliched, but they work! Some designs were around Chennai landmarks, some were based on photos we took specially for our purposes, and other pop art themes and crisp captions.

‘Chennai – Hot, it is!’ a design that is one of Chennaigaga’s classics. Conceptualised by the Chennaigaga team way back in 2009 and captured beautifully by designer Sahasra, we could say that ‘Chennai Hot, it is’ just about sums up everything about Namma Chennai in one shot! Do notice the way we have laid out the words. The caption doesn’t say “It’s hot” but it is in the colloquial way in which we Chennai folk speak. The dabbra tumbler with the fumes emanating complete this bestseller design with the fine touch that makes simple so elegant.

Many of our t-shirts are screen printed for best output and a longer life. Screen printing is an exercise needing both precision and focus as you can see here, and it is a labour-intensive task. The printing unit has a Printing Master who oversees colour mixing, print placement, print colour approval and all other details. The factory that houses the printing unit is often large with long printing tables that are meant for bulk order in 100s, 1000s and lakhs.

This artwork stands out like a dream on black t-shirts in a unique colour combination of print colours.  This one is OUR hot favourite as well. We hope you enjoy this video too. Please subscribe to our tube channel and do follow us on as many social media handles as you can 😊. Pinterest / Twitter / Facebook (Page AND Group), Youtube, Instagram @chennaigaga