Chennaigaga - a customer-guided experience

Chennaigaga today is a customer-guided brand. We had 4-5 coffee themed t-shirt designs in our collection but not even one for tea lovers. Along came customers who changed that with complaints that there was no dedicated artwork for a chai lover. These are customers who are so engaged with the brand that they checked back in with us a couple of weeks later about tea-themed designs! :)
That is how this design came about, with creative inputs from long-time friend & well-wisher of Chennaigaga's and ardent tea-lover Bhavani Arumbakkam and executed by another chai enthusiast Yash Jain.
Tea-lovers design
We have had customers who have given us their most-favourite t-shirts which they find so comfortable that they would like Chennaigaga to make the similar pattern and fit. This indicates their long-time intended engagement with Chennaigaga. We followed their advice and suggestions and have only benefitted from it. We have also had a few customers telling us when we have messed up or fallen short of their expectatins and we have done our best to rectify things accordingly.
We have had many customers sharing their thoughts, ideas and even captions with us, contributing their personal views and creative thoughts with us. We have had customers coming on board as freelance designers with an interest and enthusiasm that money just cannot buy.
Our customers have taught us how they would like their experience to be, thereby helping us to improve and enhance our engagement with more customers. 
We owe our existence and sustenance to our customers, friends and well-wishers, and family members who have loved and believed in our brand, its ideals and creative journey.
Our customers are indeed our teachers.
We had no brand-building or retail experience nor business experience(!) when we first started out. It has been an incredible learning experience these past 13 years and I personally thank all of Chennaigaga's customers -- especially our loyal and returning customers, my friends, well-wishers, family and associates for their engagement with Chennaigaga which is the reason for its survival and existence today beyond all challenges and constraints.
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