Chennaigaga FAQs

Delving into some FAQs here: -

  1. What material are Chennaigaga t-shirts made of?

For the most part, cotton.

  1. Will Chennaigaga t-shirts shrink after wash?

Chennaigaga T-shirts usually come in a pre-washed fabric and bio-washed. However, cotton shrinkage could be 2-3% even after pre-wash which is negligible, but there have not been any complaints or feedback from our customers in all these years regarding any abnormal shrinkage.

  1. How can I know the thickness of Chennaigaga t-shirts?

They are around 180 gsm and we have maintained this quality right through. Moreover, thick t-shirts are not necessarily a sign of good quality.

  1. How can I know which size to order?

The size chart is given against each t-shirt design, appearing below the ‘Ask a question’ tab that appears below the description of each product.

  1. What is the difference between the sizes? For example, is an Extra Extra Large (XXL) size much bigger than an XL tee?

The overall difference between two consecutive sizes is around 2 cms. Hence, an XXL t-shirt size would be just a bit bigger than an XL size and so, if a certain size is not available, you might consider getting one size bigger or smaller, unless you only prefer a snug fit.

  1. What is the comparison in size between Chennaigaga Ladies’ and Men’s t-shirts?

A Medium in the ladies’ category of t-shirts would roughly translate to a Small in the men’s category. This is only a guideline and might not be applicable to everyone.

  1. What is different about the Chennaigaga Ladies’ t-shirts versus the Men’s / Unisex category?

The Ladies’ tees would have shorter sleeves, wider necklines and also have a different shape and length than the men’s t-shirts.

Note: The Ladies’ T-shirts’ images on our website differ in shape from the actual product, but they are of good pattern and fit as per customer feedback.

  1. Are Chennaigaga Kids’ t-shirts unisex?


  1. What are the size options in Chennaigaga kids’ t-shirts? If I want a t-shirt for a five- year-old child, what size should I choose?

Chennaigaga kids’ t-shirt sizes are labelled as 2 to 3 years, 4 to 5 years, 6 to 7 years, 8 to 9 years, 10 to 11 years, etc. For a five-year-old kid, you might consider taking a 6 to 7 years size because children grow fast. However, you would take a call depending on the child. You can email us / message us for a further discussion before making your purchase. The Chennaigaga team is happy to help with specific inputs on a case-to-case basis.

  1. Are Chennaigaga design prints like stickers?

Chennaigaga designs are printed for a smooth hand feel (unless intentionally planned otherwise as a design element) and so, we usually use screen printing or digital printing methods.