Chennaigaga FAQs

Continued from the previous blog post…

1.     If I place my order today, when will I receive it? Delivery location: Chennai

If the delivery location is within city limits, we deliver within 1-3 days as per usual practice but more commonly within 2 days from date of order.

2.     If I place my order today, when will I receive it? Delivery location: Any major city in India.

We usually deliver in 2-5 days pan India. In certain cases, it might take up to 7-8 days if the delivery location is a bit more remote or not serviceable by our usual delivery partners.

3.     Is there any exchange?

While we are a small business and provide our best possible support to help our customers make an informed decision, this also leads to a decreased need for exchange. Please view our Exchange Policy page for more details.

4.     Is Chennaigaga a woman-owned enterprise?

Yes, Chennaigaga is a woman-owned venture.

5.     Is there Cash on Delivery?

No cash on delivery option is currently available.

6.     Once I place my order, how can I know you will deliver?

Please refer point 12 above and in case we have any clarification regarding your offer, we would contact you on your phone number or email. It is our commitment to work on fulfilling your orders.

7.     Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we can, but international transactions are not yet enabled on our website. You could whatsapp us on 7397467886 of email us at

8.     How do you ship to a location outside India?

We use India Post unless the customer prefers a courier company.

9.     How much is the shipping cost for outside India deliveries?

It differs from country to country but a postal charges guideline could be Rs. 2000 for around 500 grams (2 t-shirts) to the United States of America with the increase in charges being minimal for 4-5 t-shirts, for example.

10.  How many days does overseas shipping take?

Since we use India Post, it could take around 10-30 days but it usually takes around 10-18 days for delivery.